Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Lovin'

It's been a while since we've last updated Milo's blog, and what a summer it's been!

I've changed jobs, meaning I have the majority of the summer holidays off work, and even though Nina's still struggling with illness, Milo has been a ray of sunshine!

We've been on long adventures, exploring geocaching too, which Milo attempts to 'help' with (!), and spending plenty of time with both of our families. Milo's best friend, Phoebe has probably grown weary of his seemingly endless energy, but they love each other's company.

When we're on the slower country roads travelling between families and home, Milo loves to stick his head out of the car window- not just to breathe in all those weird and wonderful Suffolk country smells, but also to smile at the countless children that seem to enjoy waving and pointing at him when we stop at junctions and traffic lights.

Having celebrated his 2nd birthday in May, it is now definitely not acceptable for us to be calling Milo 'puppy'...maybe we'll stop when he's 3, or 4...or not!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Grass Seed Blues

Last week was stressful, to say the least.

Milo had been sick, his eye had swollen, and he hadn't eaten or drunk any water in days.
We took him to the vets first thing in the morning.

The cause was obvious to the vet- a humble grass seed had got stuck on the roof of Milo's mouth, buried itself into the skin and had caused significant swelling which was affecting his left eye. The worrying comment of 'are you insured?' made us grateful that we'd taken out a policy as soon as we had him, but also worried at what was to come.

A short investigation under sedation would be the first port of call, but the vet suspected he may need an MRI and further surgery, running costs into the thousands.

We were all to relieved to receive a phone call from the surgery to say that during sedation, they were able to clearly see the offending seed, and after giving Milo some more anesthetic, were able to remove it in full.

Just a few hours later he was back to his bouncy self- with the help of all of his friends on Twitter wishing him a speedy recovery!

The vet said that he was seeing 3-4 dogs per day with grass seed injuries, Milo being the worst of them all. I'm now a lot more careful when taking him on walks and checking him over after playing in the garden- who knew something so small could be so damaging?!

Milo enjoying the smells of the Suffolk countryside

Saturday, 9 February 2013

To trim or not to trim

With Milo's fur becoming a little too long for everyone's liking, we decided that he needed a trim. But there were so many options!

The New Haircut!
Do we do it ourselves, or go to a groomers? If the former, do we use scissors or clippers? If the latter, do we go to the local one at Pets at Home, or one who would be better at grooming schnauzers? And when we've decided all that, do we keep him looking like a little fluffy puppy, or do we groom him like a proper schnauzer- beard, eyebrows, and short clipped fur everywhere else?

After a few days of looking at various reviews, photos and clipping guides, we present to you the newly styled Milo!

Nina did most of the work at home with scissors, and Milo was very patient throughout. She left a slight beard so that he stayed true to his schnauzer breed, but tried to minimize the amount of hair going into his eyes.

It completely changed his look, and it has also made him a lot more sensitive to temperature- we've noticed him shivering occasionally at night time, but all in all, a good result for a fraction of the cost!

Monday, 21 January 2013

You are what you eat

Milo has completely changed character recently, for the better, and it's down to one thing- his diet.

After months of watching him eat dry food, it became clear that we were all uninspired. I felt lazy tipping a handful of brown balls into his bowl, and he quickly became disinterested- often leaving most of the meal and lazing about the house in a strop.

We did some research online, and decided to take some action. We completely changed his diet.

Taking a trip to Pets at Home, we purchased a selection of beef, lamb and chicken, and chose a variety of fruit and vegetables that he would enjoy- including apples, carrots, peaches and peas.

So each morning and evening, we weigh out some white rice, some meat, and some fruit or vegetable. The change in Milo was instant. He was trying to climb up as legs as we weighed out the food- the smells and noises gave him a ridiculous amount of excitement that he'd never had before at meal times. He wolfed down his breakfast and was genuinely grateful afterwards. One month on, and he still reacts the same way.

His personality has altered, and he is a much kinder dog- so much more loving, giving lots of hugs, licks, and cuddling up with us on the sofa whenever he gets the opportunity. His breath smells less, his coat is visibly softer and shinier, and at the other end, his poo is completely odourless. A note to those with other small breeds of dogs, it's also completely solved the issue of blocked anal glands. No more smelly bottoms!

I honestly would never have imagined that changing diet could alter so much about Milo, and we're never looking back to the days of crunchy kibbles. It goes to show that you are what you eat!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


After much waiting, checking forecasts, and potential school closures, Suffolk eventually had a decent amount of snowfall- just in time for the weekend. This was just as exciting for Milo as it was for us- it was his first experience of the frozen white stuff- and he loved it!

After spending a great deal of time in the garden sniffing it out, we went on a super long walk to get him accustomed to the snow before it melted and life returned to normal (whatever normal is!).

His coat seemed to keep him warm, and even though he built a few clumps of ice up around his paws and beard, he trotted on regardless. With the snow covering up the ground, it was almost like a different landscape, and other dogs we met were sniffing the forest out like it sprung up yesterday. The paw prints and pee patches made it really fun to guess which animals had wandered through the forest throughout the night.

So how long will it last? Probably not long, but unless we're planning on moving to Alaska, we will have to enjoy it while it lasts. Milo's verdict on the snow? A big paws up!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Puppy's First Christmas!

What a week! Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

Milo has officially had his first Christmas. All went well, we saw family ate too much, and Milo loved it. Partly for the extra treats, partly for the presents he received  and partly for the attention he received from long lost relatives.

Nina decided to get him some puppy clothes for Christmas. I was a bit apprehensive, as I didn't want to be one of those couples that ends up buying a pushchair for their puppy so that they don't have to walk (sorry if that's you!). But after a few spells of him shivering even when curled up on the sofa, we decided he might need an extra layer of warmth this winter. Turns out he looks very cute, and he knows it!

I've also been experimenting with much longer walks, and it's been fantastic. Exploring the woods near our house has been great for both of us. I take a different route each time, and try and introduce some games half way through. Milo is utterly exhausted but seems to be much better behaved and more loving afterwards. Someone once told me about the importance of finding your puppy's 'energy level', and making sure they are not either lacking in energy or having lots left over. I guess we've found the balance!

We've been enjoying conversing with other Mini Schnauzers on twitter, too! The digital #schnauzergang are really funny and it's great to share stories and look at other's photos. Nina tells me that she saw 3 other schnauzers whilst in the car the other day, just around the corner from our house. I better go and track them down so Milo can have some friends his own size!

Saturday, 3 November 2012


So Milo is now 3 days post his operation, he's flying in his recovery, which is so wonderful to see!

When we first got him home, he wasn't our usual little Mi, he was just whining and creeping round the house looking so so saaaad!!! Luckily, after a reeeeally long snooze, he was much improved, and even managed a small bowl of chicken & rice. We were so proud of him, he has done so well, and by the next day he already had much more of his skippy, happy nature back, which was so good to see. I had felt so guilty having put him through it, but he's coping so well, it seemed less bad!

Another thing that I was so surprised about, is that he's hardly had to wear his plastic cone...lampshade thingy, as he has been SO well behaved. Having grown up with Labradors, it was really lovely how good he has been!

So all in all the week, I have been dreading since I booked his op over a month ago, has actually turned out to be really easy, and turned into cuddle and snooze time :)